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About Me
Jeff Stephan
Carlsbad Office
2701 Loker Avenue W. Suite 150
Carlsbad, CA 92010
Phone: (760) 607-3230
Cell: (858) 776-5454
Email: jjstephan@aol.com

Realty One Group

About Me


Jeff Stephan, Realtor (and his team…)

Are you thinking of buying or selling a home, or both?

Let me introduce you to Jeff Stephan. You’ll be pleased to know, with over 30 years of experience in real estate, Jeff Stephan has the best offer of any major full-service realtor. You’ll find him experienced, resourceful and easy to work with. Jeff started his real estate career with Century 21 long ago. He’s owned a mortgage company, built homes, and remodeled homes “from the ground up”. I guess you could say, “he knows all the ins and outs of a house”, and I know he can guide you every step of the way. He’ll be right by your side, so you can move forward with confidence, knowing you’re making the very best decision.

If you’re buying: One of his lenders will show you what purchase price you can qualify for and comfortably afford. Then Jeff’s team will find out what you value most in a home, sending and showing you homes that match your highest values and preferences. They’ll offer guidance in your home selection, advising you of it’s true market value, and what offer is likely to win you that home. In addition to their outstanding service, they reward their clients with a $1,000 gift card to apply towards their closing costs, just for choosing to work with Jeff and his My Favorite Realtor Team(MFRT).

If you’re selling: Seller’s get a great advantage too, and not just from their very competitive listing fee schedule. The MFRT team has years of experience prepping homes to get the highest offers from the market. They can advise you how to make the easiest and most affordable modifications that will pay you back dividends with higher sales prices and/or faster offers. Their concierge style service will handle all the major details, so you can relax, all while having the easiest and best home selling experience of your life.  They’ll even refer (and manage) some of the best and most affordable contractors, cleaning and staging services to aid you in getting your home ready to sell for top dollar. 

If you’re selling and then buying another home, you may qualify for an even lower listing fee. They love assisting with multiple transactions. This turns into a real win/win for the buyer/seller and the MFRT team.

Jeff Stephan and the My Favorite Realtor Team is waiting to hear from you. Call them today to get your best service ever, at a very affordable price.

Call Jeff directly at:                                   cell (858) 776-5454 or office (760) 607-3230(Realty ONE Group)


Realty One Group